Eximium has vast knowledge and experience of helping commercial, not-for-profit and public sector organisations with grant management tools. Using the Agile Systems solution Procession®, we are able to create an effective solution for your grant management challenges. If you'd like us to review your specific challenge in this area then call us on 01582 676 355 or fill in the form opposite and we'll contact you shortly.


An excellent example of where Procession® has been successfully adopted as a grant management solution is at UK Sport. UK Sport were established by Royal Charter in 1996 and work in partnership with home country sports councils and other agencies. They are responsible for managing and distributing public investment and are a statutory distributor of funds raised by the National Lottery.

The challenge faced by UK Sport was that the Sport England Lottery Unit was ending so a benefit/grant management system was needed, however the exact requirements weren't clear. The system needed to tackle complex processes such as grant applications, means-testing, awards, payments, finance and much more - in addition, every interaction needed to be tracked in the system to meet regulatory and audit requirements. All this needed to be turned around and the first phase implemented within 2 months...

UK Sport

Grants Management Tools

The implementation was a huge success and has now been successfully running for over 10 years:

    • The project was delivered on time and budget, first phase in 2 months

    • 99.99% uptime has been achieved since launch, despite continual change

    • The system has painlessly enabled continual change and growth, as disciplines and regulations changed

    • A process that took 120 man-days to produce end-of-year reports is now just a single button press!

The grant management tool now manages over 2,600 athletes in 229 different disciplines with awards granted totalling over £250m - all of this is overseen by just 4 administrators! As such, UK Sport continue to lead the way in terms of the lowest cost per grant in their sector as a proportion of income.

If you'd like further details, here are some useful downloads:

    • UK Sport Case Study - prepared by Procession® plc

    • UK Sport Case Study - an independent paper by Government

    • Lottery Distributors Cost Of Grant Making - Department for Culture, Media and Sport

If you are looking for an effective grant management tool then simply call one of our team on 01582 676 355 for further information, or alternatively leave us your details and describe the challenge you are facing at the moment using the form opposite - simply add you details to the form and one of our team will contact you shortly for a no-obligation discussion.

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