Eximium are proud to be the main UK delivery partner for Procession® plc, who have created Procession® – the world’s first agile business application platform. It’s the ideal way to ensure a perfect balance between process, information and people.



So, what is Procession®?


• It is an application development tool for business applications, but goes beyond this.

• It is a Business Process Management tool, but goes beyond this too.

• It uses the concepts of workflow, BPM, rapid application development, etc. but is also greater than the sum of those parts.

• It is a totally new way to build, maintain, monitor and continually improve business application systems.

• It is a natural way to capture a combination of business needs, expert knowledge in the organisation, and best business practise, altogether in one place – and then visualise it, use it and, ultimately, improve upon it.

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Procession® Case Studies: UK Sport | British Olympic Association | Bank Of Scotland

Procession® has been designed to drastically reduce the time, cost and pain required to create business applications that work exactly the way you want them to, and that can change as your business changes.

If you need to quickly deploy a system that is agile and easy to change without re-coding and that is powerful enough to drive the heart of your organisation, then book a demonstration with us to find out more using the form on the right, email us at contact@eximium.com or call us today on 01582 676 355 for further details.