The challenge, retail sector:


'We are growing and our systems just aren't growing with us. There is one application in particular that we just don't like but is vital to what we do. We've struggled to get it working the way we want and we'd like to know if you can do anything with it!'

The solution:

We investigated and found it was actually a good system but needed changes to make it work the way they wanted. We proposed a series of improvement programmes, which we worked through with them, teasing out the strategic changes that would be of most benefit. They were delighted, and we were told that people actually love using the system now!


Systems Improvements


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    Eximium Challenge Rules:

    1. We may need more information from you before we can commit to go ahead with your challenge.

    2. We reserve the right not to take your challenge on, if we really don’t think we can help.

    3. We may need to charge you for some of the work but we would refund all those monies, if you decide that we have not improved the situation for you.

    4. If you opt for the refund option, we will remove anything we have done, and ask you to return any documentation. Of course, we will ensure that your systems and processes are returned to their original state.

    5. Because our Corporate Social Responsibility policy would be compromised, we are unable to work with certain types and styles of organisation.